A Jerusalem cancer volunteer has shown great interest in helping those struggling with cancer

A youngster of the age of 25, whose name is Muhannad Wael from Jerusalem, has created a stir in the atmosphere and got everyone’s attention.


People refer to this youngster, “as a man who has refused to give in to death as a result of love”. This man has battled bone cancer and overcame it, as a result of his courageous attitude.

Furthermore, this man is a medicine student, and as well a motivational speaker for TEDx.


Muhannad Wael also took part in a voluntary cancer experiment in Jerusalem, with the motive of giving other cancer patients in that department hope.

To crown it all, this young man is also an ambassador for the United Nations.

In his journey of life, this man was hit with cancer, however, he didn’t surrender to this challenge.


He gave the challenge, all it takes to make sure he overcame it.

The bone of the cancer was so severe, that he underwent surgeries 11 times which gave him thorough pain, and depression, yet he didn’t give up, however, he got a partial disability.


Due to this partial disability, he has to give up on his football career.

Muhannad Wael has been a professional football player for his school, right from his first year in the University.

Nevertheless, God has been so faithful,


Muhannad Wael will become a certified doctor soon.

This young man made it known that there is nothing bad with transplant surgeries, as it’s a good way to save people’s lives.

He made it known that he wants to become a heart transplant surgeon, and has always been positive about everything he does.

He also made it known that he would love to be the first person to build the first organ transplant hospital in Arab

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