Another Wembley scam!’ – German media claim England ‘cheated’ in Euro 2022 final

The runners-up in the Euro 2022 competition, according to a German tabloid, were “scammed” after England’s historic victory at Wembley because they were not given a penalty for a “obvious handball.”

In a dramatic Euros final on Sunday, the Lionesses defeated eight-time champions Germany 2-1, ending England’s 56-year absence from a major football trophy.

After Lina Magull overturned Ella Toone’s opening goal 11 minutes from time, it appeared that the championship match, which was played in front of a record-breaking 87,192 spectators, would go to penalties.


However, Chloe Kelly scored the game-winning goal in overtime to give England its first major women’s title and ignite wild celebrations at Wembley and all around the nation.

Germany was devastated by the outcome because, in addition to missing out on a record-extending eighth European Championships championship, they believed they should have been awarded a penalty with the score still level.

The Lionesses’ captain and Arsenal defender Leah Williamson managed to stay out of danger during a first-half scrum in the goalmouth.

Germany requested a penalty, but Ukrainian referee Kateryna Monzul did not point to the spot, therefore play was resumed only after a lengthy VAR review.

Martin Voss-Tecklenburg, manager of Germany, expressed surprise that officials did not step in and claimed that the choice “damaged” her squad.

Another Wembley scam!’ – German media claim England ‘cheated’ in Euro 2022 final

Bild, one of Germany’s largest publications, has gone even farther, alleging that the world champions from 2003 and 2007 were “scammed” and “cheated” during the record-breaking final.

Many German supporters are still upset about England’s debatable third goal in the 1966 World Cup final, according to Bild, who also said: “Wembley fraud again! Even with video proof, fraud is taking place.

Nearly 56 years after the Wembley goal incident, “we are deceived again” in the 2-1 extra-time loss.

In the 1966 World Cup final, Sir Geoff Hurst’s outstanding hat-trick helped England defeat Germany 4-2 but there is still disagreement over whether his third goal crossed the line.

Thorsten Kinhofer, a former referee, was also interviewed by Bild and stated, “For me, it’s a crystal evident handball.” Since the hand was above shoulder height, I find it odd that the VAR referee did not make a declaration.

Another Wembley scam!’ – German media claim England ‘cheated’ in Euro 2022 final

Voss-Tecklenburg, the manager of Germany, later added: “At this level, in the European Championships final, this shouldn’t happen.

“I’d want to explore why nobody looked at it,” you say. I have to ask you this because it would be great. Although it happened to us today, I would have felt the same if it had happened to them. I’m genuinely bothered by it.

Sarina Wiegman’s England celebrated one of the nation’s greatest sporting victories as Germany left Wembley inconsolable.

We won the cup, the Lionesses manager declared. It is incredible. It is amazing.

That is what I have witnessed, and it is great, they want to do it together. If you genuinely want to win and improve every single day.

‘We agreed on a few things regarding behavior, and they weren’t just words; we actually practiced them. Although there was some fighting during the game because it was so close, we still prevailed 2-1. We are champions in Europe.

“We overcame obstacles against Spain, and we needed to do it again.” I don’t keep anything from you. I need some time since I don’t believe I have realized what is happening.

England captain Williamson added: ‘The legacy of this tournament is a change in society, it is everything that we have done, we brought everybody together, we got people at games.

‘We want them to come to WSL games, the legacy is this team are winners and that is the start of a journey.’

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