How Mason Greenwood was granted bail just four days after attempted rape and assault charge

On Monday afternoon Mason Greenwood faced the prospect of five weeks behind bars at HMP Berwyn after a district judge remanded him in custody.


But within 48 hours the Manchester United forward – who has been charged with attempted rape, assault causing actual bodily harm and controlling and coercive behaviour – was heading home on conditional bail following a successful appeal.

Such reversals are not uncommon. And while there are both restrictions on the details that can be made public at this stage of the judicial process and the arguments made by Greenwood’s legal team this morning were not heard in open court, this procedure is a daily occurrence across the country.


In other words, that Greenwood is a high-profile individual will have not made any difference.

After Monday’s decision, made at Manchester Magistrates Court, the footballer’s lawyers signalled that they intended to appeal. Typically such appeals are heard quickly because the individual placed on remand has not been found guilty of any charges and is therefore being deprived of their liberty.

This appeal hearing was arranged to be held at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court, where the trial is set to be heard. Greenwood is set to appear here on November 21 and he was not present for this morning’s appeal.


Being at a different court, of course, meant the argument was made to a different judge, in this case Mr John Potter.

All of this is conventional.


Typically these appeals are held in chambers at the start of the day rather than a courtroom and they do not last very long.

A sketch of Mason Greenwood in the dock at Manchester Magistrates Court on Monday morning
A sketch of Mason Greenwood in the dock at Manchester Magistrates Court on Monday morning

The defence’s counsel will submit their appeal for the judge to consider before he or she then makes a decision, imposing specific conditions for the defendant to abide by. In most circumstances an outline will be provided by the barrister to offer clear assurances that any conditions of bail will not be breached.

In Greenwood’s case, a spokesperson for the court said this morning that the 21-year-old has been bailed on the condition that he resides at his rented house near Altrincham in south Manchester and does not make any attempt to contact any witnesses, including the alleged victim.


Although reporting restrictions are currently in place, when the trial happens details of why Greenwood was re-arrested on Saturday and initially placed on remand may be used as evidence in open court – as per section 98 of the Criminal Justice Act (2003).

The once-capped England international remains suspended by United “pending the outcome of the judicial process.” The club have previously said he is being paid his salary, in the range of £75,000-a-week, in full during the suspension. His last appearance came in a Premier League win against West Ham United on January 22.

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