“I Never Wanted to Be Confined to the Boundaries of a Job” – Yasser Siddiqui On the Early Days of His Professional Life

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and one way to live a good life is to keep moving up and beyond. Not being confined to a specific business, career, or job is an excellent way to experience what life has to offer. Not many people in this world can do that; only a few lucky ones manage to disrupt this norm. One of the lucky ones is Yasser Siddiqui, the founder and CEO of Ayta Sports Limited.


Born in Muscat, Oman, and brought up in New Delhi, India, Yasser was exposed to different cultures and businesses early in his childhood. He even lived in Dubai, UAE, for a few years before moving back to India. Since school, Yasser has always been interested in cricket and athletics and wanted to accomplish something along those lines. It wasn’t until after college – which he attended remotely – that he enrolled in the University of Cincinnati H. Lindner College of Business and got a Master’s Degree in Finance.



He learned the proper value of work, time, and money at his mother’s school, Shepherds Path International School. At the school, he worked as an intern before being promoted to Managing Director of Finance. He expanded the school and increased the number of enrollments without increasing the operating costs; after this success, he developed and opened several other branches. 


Yasser’s interest always lay with the sports industry, so he started a private football club in New Delhi. He named it the Delhi Chargers FC, which was a great success. He had envisioned the change he wanted to bring by introducing technology. Getting the rights to sell and distribute this technology wasn’t very straightforward. Still, regardless of the difficulties, Yasser got the rights from a UK- based company called Elite Skills Arena. After going through the red tape and waiting 1.5 years to gain entry into the country, he now had everything he needed to start his business. Having discovered that the next country hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup would be Canada, Yasser moved to launch his successful athletic technology business. 



The only thing missing from his plan was the connections and networks required to begin his operations. In a very non-collaborative market, Yasser found it hard to make room for his company to grow. After trying multiple times, he finally began his work from the ground up. His motivation and determination to be his own boss took him to another path. He got certifications from the National Academy for Sports Medicine and BC Soccer and became a trainer to start his coaching business Ayta Sports Limited.  



Yasser is the perfect example of determination and commitment to one’s ambitions. He promised himself to be successful, and he made it a reality. To follow his journey and sports ventures, click here

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