Newcastle United Head Coach Eddie Howe says his team are ready for Brentford

Despite Eddie Howe’s last-minute positive Covid-19 test, Newcastle United will be’ready’ for Brentford’s visit.


After testing positive on Friday, the new Magpies head coach will be in self-isolation and will be unable to lead his team out for the first time at St James’ Park.

Following the setback, assistant head coaches Graeme Jones and Jason Tindall will guide the team following the setback, which may knock the 43-year-old out of the match against Arsenal next weekend.


According to Howe, “I’m unhappy that I won’t be able to join you all at St. James’ Park tomorrow, but it’s critical that I follow the rules and separate myself.

“I’d like to reassure everyone that I’m alright, and while this is bad news for me, I’m certain that it hasn’t slowed down our preparations for this crucial game.

“I’ve been, and will continue to be, in continuous communication with my coaching staff and players, both tomorrow and throughout the week, and I’m confident they’ll give it their all on and off the field.”


When the news of Howe’s positive test emerged, Tottenham assistant manager and England coach Chris Powell appeared live on BBC’s Friday Football Social.

Powell acknowledges that it will be a ‘disappointment’ for Howe and the club, but believes that the new head coach has had enough time to adequately prepare the Magpies for their first win of the season.


He said to the BBC: “It just goes to demonstrate that it’s still there, that it’s still there, and that we need to be as vigilant as possible.

“In terms of the Euros, we stayed in a bubble and were quite strict.” Gareth and the doctor didn’t want any issues with the players or the staff.

“We did all we were supposed to do, and the tournament was obviously very clean and effective in that regard.”


“It’s still there, which is a bummer for Eddie because, to be honest, he’s been building up to this for months.” Eddie and Jason were there at an England session, which I attended. John McDermott and Gareth had invited them, and they appeared to be in excellent spirits.

“They didn’t have the job at the time, but they were obviously preparing and looking forward to watching us train, but they were also eager to get back.”

“They get a fantastic opportunity at a fantastic football club that is in desperate need of leadership, and they have someone who knows the league but will be unavailable for the first game.

“It’s a huge disappointment, but I’m confident that Graeme Jones, Jason, and the rest of the coaching staff will get the team in great form.

“They’ve had plenty of time to prepare, and I’m confident they’ll be ready for Brentford tomorrow.”

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