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Proof that Matteo Guendouzi is coming back to Arsenal

Last season was not a good one for Matteo Guendouzi as his hotheadness got him into serious trouble with Mikel Arteta, who immediately dropped the young Frenchman from the Arsenal squad because of his ”attitude and general conduct” and shipped him out on loan to Hertha Berlin at the earliest opportunity.


It seemed that the damage was irreparable, especially when Guendouzi did not even congratulate his Arsenal team-mates after their magnificent FA Cup success, and it looked like he had played his last game in an Arsenal shirt.

But now his loan deal has expired, and there have been rumours of a move to Marseille, but he made it clear in his farewell message to Hertha fans that he was unlikely to return…..


To new beginnings … A difficult day arrives, this one, the day to say goodbye to an entire institution for which I had the immense privilege and honor to play football and defend its blazon in an extraordinary championship made of professionalism and humility.

— Matteo Guendouzi (@MatteoGuendouzi) June 10, 2021

He wrote that Tweet five days ago, but yesterday he surprised us all by changing his Twitter profile to make it clear that he was now an Arsenal player once again. This is what his page now looks like….

Proof that Matteo Guendouzi is coming back to Arsenal
Proof that Matteo Guendouzi is coming back to Arsenal

So, what does this all mean?

Could Arteta and Guendouzi had a heart-to-heart and the 22 year-old has promised to change his ways and show respect to his coach and the club?


It will be interesting to find out if our readers think he should be forgiven and given a chance to redeem himself.

Or should he be sold at the earliest opportunity?


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