Roy Keane warns Casemiro about new Man Utd teammates

Roy Keane has praised Manchester United’s decision to sign Casemiro but believes the midfielder is ‘coming into a bad dressing room’ at Old Trafford.



United agreed a £59.5 million deal with Real Madrid last week and the Brazil international is in attendance at Old Trafford on Monday evening for the team’s Premier League fixture against Liverpool.



Casemiro has played a key role in Real Madrid’s success in recent years and has won 18 trophies during his time with the Spanish club.



But Keane believes the 30-year-old could face immediate issues with the morale and work-rate of his new United teammates.



‘I think he’s a good signing,’ Keane told Sky Sports.


‘They’ve paid a lot of money, he’s 30 years of age, he’s got a five-year contract. If you’re a player out there and Man United come looking for you, you know you’re going to get a great deal.



‘It’s a start but they need some more, they need more help.


‘The problem is for any player coming into Man United now, as good as they are, they’re coming into a bad dressing room, they’re coming into a bad group of players.


‘We keep mentioning it in the last year or two, these players don’t want to run, they don’t seem like a good group. That’s a problem for any player, however good they are.


‘They’re desperate, but I think he is a quality player. You can look at the bigger picture and go obviously it’s a lot of money and a long contract, the agents out there must be delighted dealing with Man United, but when you’re desperate you’ve got to pay over the odds.’


Meanwhile, Rio Ferdinand also believes there is a danger that Casemiro could get ‘sucked up by the lack of confidence and negativity’ at United.


‘There’s no doubt in my mind what a player he is, an absolute beast of a player,’ Ferdinand said on Vibe With Five.


‘He’s a real player’s player, one you can see with all the messages that have flown in since his decision to leave from his teammates, the respect and the appreciation of him as a player is undoubted.


‘I just hope he’s not sucked up by the lack of confidence and negativity that surrounds this football club and this team at the moment, which has happened to many players who have come in and we’ve expected great things from and haven’t quite got to the level we’ve seen from them before.


‘I hope he isn’t a victim of the environment he goes into, and that’s the big issue for any players who are coming to a club lacking in confidence like Manchester United are at the moment.’

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