Technical director Edu claims that two Arsenal players will score 40 goals this year and defends the club’s transfer policy

In a recent interview, Arsenal technical director Edu dismissed the notion the club must sign a player of Lukaku’s quality and experience and argued that their two senior strikers will score at least 40 goals this campaign.


This summer, the Gunners spent over £150 million on six new players, but have made the worst start to a season in 67 years.

With their signings, Arsenal took on a particular profile, bringing in young players with immense potential to lower the average age of an already youthful squad. However, there was criticism directed at this approach.


After three straight Premier League losses – and still, without scoring – there has been speculation that it lacks the know-how and proven quality, and would be better spent on fewer more established players.

Although Edu, who has been responsible for recruiting the club since 2019, disagrees, believing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette already guarantee 40-45 goals per season, so an established goalscorer similar to Lukaku simply isn’t needed.


Speaking with Sky Sports about Arsenal’s transfer approach, and whether it might have been more beneficial to spend the bulk of their kitty on Lukaku, Edu told them: “The case in this instance is that we have faith in the players in the squad.”.

People may not understand, but we do. When we start seeing the squad collectively, we believe in it.


Technical director Edu claims that two Arsenal players will score 40 goals this year and defends the club's transfer policy

Mikel and I view the squad together. The striker there [Aubameyang] scores 25 goals every season for us. In addition, we have someone else [Lacazette] who scores 15-20 goals every season.

There are two very strong young players from our academy, Saka and Smith Rowe. The team has our full support.


The absence of European competition this year may make it more difficult for Aubameyang and Lacazette to contribute so many goals. Last season the Frenchman scored 13 goals and the captain scored 10, combining for 23 goals – half as much as Edu believes they are capable of.

The Brazilian responded to Arsenal fans’ concerns by saying that he can understand their concerns; however, he also hoped that they understood the club’s rationale and the path forward.

Being in that situation has hurt us, of course. I am hurt, we are hurt. It is not the club I want to see; it is the team.

It is fair to say, we have played three games and the team has not yet played together. The signings and the preparation of the squad are what I am looking forward to. Unfortunately, we’ve had some painful injuries in all three of the games versus Brentford, Chelsea and Manchester City.

It would be better if we judge the team after they have played together. After that, there will be no problem. Then you can judge us. It’s tough to be in the situation we are in right now. There’s no excuse, but let’s see how the team does when they are together.

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