Unforgettable top 3 World Cup Finals of all time

The FIFA World Cup has one of the most exciting games that have ever been recorded in sports history. However, the biggest game in the FIFa World Cup is of course the finals.


Throughout football history, there were countless of amazing final games fans will never forget. With these moments, football continues to be a popular sport people keep coming back to.

If you are into FIFA World Cup betting, then looking back at the best games can serve as guides to knowing how each team will fare today. Which games are considered the best in the history of the FIFA World Cup? Here are a few all-time best FIFA World Cup Finals to remember:


2006 Italy vs France

While it’s not considered the best Finals game in the FIFA World Cup, the 2006 Italy vs France matchup has a special place in many football fans’ hearts.

This is the game that was infamously known as the blunder of both Zidane and Materazzi that will forever be remembered.

Zidane converted an early penalty that placed France up 1-0. However, Italy stormed back into the fray and had Materazzi score the goal.


These two players were among the only people on the field to score, and they were also involved at the moment that would ultimately decide the 2006 World Cup. After provoking France by the Italian defender, the French talisman headbutted Materazzi in the chest that sent him to the floor.

Zidane was sent off for offence and Italy would win the whole game. What made this matchup incredible was the physicality of the overall game. This was also regarded as some of the most heated battles in World Cup history, which certainly deserves a top spot in the list of best games.


1970 Brazil vs Italy

Brazil and the World Cup are almost the best tandem when it comes to football. Brazil is the best nation to ever grace the World Cup field winning five of them. Of course, one of them was during the 1970 World Cup.

While not as exciting as other games on this list, this Brazilian team is regarded as the squad to play almost the perfect football game that got them the championship trophy. The passing was so good that it looked like the team was operating under one person.

The man responsible for this fluid offence was Pele who is regarded as a football legend in the history of the sport. It was a joy to behold and one game that unfortunately could not be replicated by recent teams in today’s generation.


1966 England vs West Germany

If you’re a football fan, you probably have heard of the England and West Germany matchup in 1966 that is regarded today as the best World Cup Finals ever. The game simply had everything.

With defence, offence, passing, and scoring, the game was a joy to watch from start to finish. The player who made all this possible was Geoff Hurst who played spectacularly throughout the game

One of the most famous lines in football came from the commentators as England is about to hoist the trophy for the win: ‘And here comes Hurst. He’s got some people on the pitch, they think it’s all over. It is now!’.

In FIFA World Cup betting, these games can serve as a great reference if you want to bet on the best teams in the FIFA World Cup. If you’re excited to wager on the FIFA World Cup, recall the best moments the tournament has ever set its eyes on throughout the years.

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